Safety Matrix demonstrates social responsibility behavior in carrying out its business activities and continuously works towards benefiting stakeholders directly or indirectly influenced by its business practices.
Safety Matrix is working with a vision to promote and provide equal opportunities to all, improve the lives of those around it and has minimal environmental impact of its production facilities.


Safety Matrix cotton glove manufacturing facility is located in Faisalabad, where the ground water is saline and inappropriate for human intake. Since commencement of its operations in this city, Safety Matrix has taken a proactive approach to address this issue. A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration plant is installed in the factory premises to provide clean drinking water to the general public living in surrounding areas. Employees working in the factory also regularly take home clean drinking water for their domestic consumption. Periodic maintenance of the plant and testing of water is done by factory management on regular basis to ensure that it is fit for human consumption.
As part of its societal welfare efforts, Gloves n Gloves also distributes cooked food to needy children’s on weekly basis and wheat flour to the underprivileged, widows and needy families living in nearby areas on monthly basis.

Additionally Safety Matrix supports various projects for uplifting the community such as donations and charities to educational, orphan houses and health institutes.
Some of them are;

  • Shaukat Khanam Memorial Trust

  • Lahore General Hospital

  • National Institute of Blood Disease

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation

  • Ansar Burney International Trust

  • SOS Children’s Village of Pakistan

  • Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society

  • Bukhari International Islamic University

  • and many more…


Safety Matrix business philosophy revolves around employee empowerment and foremost their safety at work. The company’s factory floors reflect its commitment to ensuring hygienic and safe workplace for its workers. Additionally the production facilities are also periodically audited by third parties for Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) and Supplier Qualification Program (SQP). Its purpose built facilities have been designed to provide all basic necessities to employees such as prayer area, rest/dining rooms and personal lockers. Keeping in view workers safety and convenience cooling system, fire hydrant system and cargo lift are also installed. From time to time, proper fire fighting training is being provided to all the employees. RO water filtration plants have also been installed to provide clean drinking water to all the employees.
Safety Matrix is supported by dedicated employees from almost all areas of life without sexual and religion discrimination and is providing and promoting equal work opportunities. Apart from this it is committed to recruit a Female Labor by providing excellent working environment. The CSR program of Safety Matrix is partnership with qualified‚ skilled, valued and trustworthy, well-known individuals who are well equipped and motivated to bring a positive change in the community.

“Respect for all” is one of Safety Matrix Core Values. As such, Safety Matrix believes that it is vital to motivate all employees to fully demonstrate their capabilities in order to achieve both individual as well as company level development.
Safety Matrix always focused to hire people for the long run. All the benefits are being paid keeping in mind the needs of the employees like Gratuity, Group Insurance, Bonus, WWF, EOBI, Double Overtime, Minimum Wage, Medical/Casual/Annual Leaves.
A part from these benefits employees are also being facilitated by Company and Personal Conveyance and its Fuel/Maintenance, Mobile and its Allowance, Health, Education, Marriage and Personal Grants and Loans. Gloves n Gloves is not just hiring people it’s also working on the training, development, compensation and benefits for its resource. Time to time different training programs are being arranged to develop the skills and abilities of the employees. Proper HR policies and Grading systems are in place that motivates the employees to provide better services and satisfaction in their jobs.